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Diamond Jubilee Wood
« on: February 22, 2020, 05:14:58 PM »
I stuck a post on the Facebook page:

Quote from: Facebook
Someone I know who is a member of the Clyne Valley Community Project spoke to me today. He wanted to let people know that they have been working to clear scrub from around young trees in the woods in an area known as the Diamond Jubilee Wood. They've taped it off with red/white tape and just wanted us to know what it's all about, particularly as there's a trail running alongside it. I'm not exactly sure where it is, but from the description, it's south of the cycle path a little way down the valley from the exit from Sanitised Strip. It may be alongside the exit trail from Clyne jumps. Yellow dot approximately, in the aerial shot. Thanks.

Harry reckons it's next to his favourite jumps.