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Forum registration and rules
« on: November 12, 2008, 08:23:55 PM »
<<Bils's original post, modified by Dom to reflect the new forum set-up>>


To register with this forum - enabling you to post in existing topic threads and start new topics - you will need to sign up as a new user with a unique user name and password. Sign-up is pretty much instant, but requires you to answer some pretty simple questions and copy some rather distorted text into a text box (to make sure you're not a 'spam-bot'). You'll get a welcome email which (if I remember correctly) has a link you'll need to click to activate your forum membership.

If you don't know the answer to one or more of the anti-spammer registration questions then please email me dom<at>mtbpigs<dot>co<dot>uk. Explain who you are, confirm that you are not a spammer, tell me your preferred forum user name and I will set you up with an account - thanks

Please be aware that any 'spam' posts will be deleted on sight, spammers' accounts will be deleted and their IP addresses banned. (Yes, I know you can get around this if you really want to, whoop-de-da aren't you clever!)


This forum is pretty much self-policing - there is a core of regular users who will either moderate or report any unsuitable posts.

Rather than having a long list of 'dos' and 'don'ts', how about just three simple rules:

1. Don't write something here that you wouldn't say to someone's face
2. Always remember that your granny - or perhaps your little daughter - could be the next person to read what you've just posted
3. Try not to be a fecking idiot

You know the rest...


Advertising business and professional goods or services in forum posts is not generally allowed and if you do so you run the risk of your posts being deleted on sight. Similarly, 'spamming' forum members with PMs and messages about business goods or services will not be tolerated and you run the risk of having your forum membership suspended or revoked.

Probably no one is going to be outraged if you're an established forum user and you post up to tell other users that you've just, say, started a new business - particularly if it's a bike-related one. And I don't think anyone would get outraged about a link to a business website in the signature section of your forum profile (again, particularly if it's a bike-related business). We reserve the right to ask you for a small donation towards the upkeep of this forum in return (ongoing costs are split voluntarily between regular users). At the other end of the scale, if you were to sign up with a member name like Windows4U and then give us the hard sell in your first couple of posts, your user account will almost certainly get deleted.

And anyway, MTB Pigs members are all very mean and stingy so you won't sell us anything!

If you're a private seller - hopefully of bike-related items - then there's the 'Buy, sell, swap' section of this forum which seems to work fine and doesn't seem to get abused (so please keep it that way).

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