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Cyclocross calendar 2014
« on: August 10, 2014, 10:55:56 AM »
It's that time of year again, the days are getting shorter, the nights are cooling down and the first tropical storm of the season has hit Swansea bay as I type this. It must almost be time for cyclocross. Wahay!  ;D

So, here's the calendar for those who may be interested.

21 September Calf-burner 'Cross/1 NP44 3XB Craig Standage
28 September Amman Valley 'Cross/2 SA18 1UU Liz Slater
5 October Foxley 'Cross/3 HR4 7HQ Ned Potter
19 October Showground 'Cross/4 SA33 5DR Andrew Smith
26 October Beacons 'Cross/5 LD3 9SR Crad Lowe
2 November Melin Mynach 'Cross/6 SA4 4FG Kevin Rees
16 November Hafren CC 'Cross/7 SY16 1EN Nick Huband
23 November 'Cross by the Sea/8 SA16 0EJ Michael Tarling
30 November Gilwern 'Cross/9 NP7 0EB Bill Owen
14 December Christmas 'Cross/Final CF83 1NG Julian Beere

More details on

There's also the World Cyclocross Champs hitting Milton Keynes on 29th November. The first time the Worlds has been to the UK. Tickets only, I already have mine!  :)
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