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Contributing towards forum costs
« on: September 04, 2012, 01:50:56 PM »
Like almost everything in life, this forum takes a few quid from time to time to keep it alive.

In early summer 2012 we switched web host and signed up to a 3 year hosting deal to get a good price. The cost was about 90 for the 3 years.

At the time, regular forum users were invited to contribute towards the cost - a contribution of 2 each was suggested. Many did contribute, and the fund got up to about 45 but has, for the moment, stalled.

If you're joining the forum and you find that you use it on a regular basis you might consider making a similar contribution. It's a donation and not a 'joining fee' or 'membership fee' and it's by no means compulsory - no one is 'named and shamed' for not paying. But a couple of quid here and there helps to keep it all working. Any surplus (dream on!) would go towards other costs like trail maintenance tools etc.

Don't pay straight away when you join the forum - wait and see if you find yourself becoming a regular user. Then if you do want to contribute you can Paypal me: domparkes<at>talktalk<dot>net

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