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About the Thursday ride
« on: June 27, 2012, 04:33:44 PM »
If you're thinking of joining us on a Thursday...

A group of us rides pretty much every Thursday evening, starting at 7.15 (well OK, 7.30) from the Blackpill car park at the bottom (seafront) end of the Clyne cycle path. Group size typically varies from three or four to eight or nine of us.

The Thursday ride always starts/finishes here, but ride location can in theory vary - typically the choices are Clyne Valley trails or an East Gower loop. It's a (fairly) democratic decision process and it may be influenced by the weather and conditions, but currently Clyne is the default Thursday ride location.

Clyne is good fun - always different depending on the conditions. Sometimes it's ridiculous slidey mud (great fun, helps build skills), sometimes it's fast, dry and dusty (well, occasionally). Practically all the regularly used trails are fully rollable for a competent rider on a reasonably decent mountain bike.

We normally ride until about 9.30, sometimes a bit later. So except for about 8 weeks of the year, lights are a must (even if you just need them for the last half hour) - it gets dark early in the woods. You'll need a decent front light suitable for off-road trail riding at night.

One thing that the Clyne ride isn't is a continuous XC loop. It's normally more of a stop-start mess around - session a trail, push back up, ride over to a different trail, mess around on a little jump for a bit etc. (This does vary a bit though with the conditions, weather and time of year.) So any new riders joining us on a Thursday probably won't cover many miles. That said, anyone wanting to get some fitness work done will find the climbs are pretty technical and knackering if ridden (pushing up always an option). We nearly always undo the good work by having a pint or two afterwards.

If this isn't your cup of tea then there's normally plenty of other riding going on, at weekends especially. Kilvey, local trail centres, Gower, occasional trips away. Look out on the forum to see what people are organising - if it's been posted up then all are welcome. Or if you're off riding somewhere and looking for company post up yourself and see if anyone else can make it.

DISCLAIMER: MTB Pigs is not a formal club or constituted organisation, just a group of like-minded riders based around this online forum and various other online social media. Anyone is welcome to join the group to ride at any time - no formal 'membership' is required or even available - but individual riders and the group as a whole take no legal responsibility or liability for the wellbeing of any rider. It is assumed that any under-18s who ride with the group do so with the express knowledge and consent of their parent/s or legal guardian/s, and either have informed their parents/guardians as to where and when they will be riding or have with them a means of staying in touch while out riding.
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